Blazers advance to 6-2 with the dominating W over the now 4-4 Pelicans

Blazers Win with a score of 132-119.

High scorers of the night being Damian Lillard with 26 points, 7 boards, and 6 assists. Nurkic came in big with 20 and 9, then 4 other Blazers made it Double-Digits.

1st Quarter:

Blazers wanting redemption is pretty much all you need to think about while reading about the 1st quarter. Jake Layman dropped an early 8 points and Dame hit a crazy deep three off the dribble and a corner 3! 4 threes hit in the first 4 minutes. As the quarter went on, Blazers still looked really good and opened the game really well. Lillard attacled the basket super hard and did a very athletic finish for the 2 point lay up. The benches from both teams were being brought out and Julius Randle, Power Forward for New Orleans, and he dropped 14 of the bench. Portland's bench didn't just shut down though. Sauce hit a couple threes and ET held it down. With that entertaining quarter ending, it would come to an end with a score of 35-31.

2nd Quarter:

Blazers were looking like they were SHOWTIME entertainment. Curry comes up the court for a quick catch-and-shoot three, then ET threw Biggie two super pretty dimes and then he got a bucket, and lastly Curry hit another three! The bench gave Portland a great advantage and then it was the staters time to come back on. Nurkic started taking over the paint and Dame and CJ were hitting shots. The game was super entertaining at this point and the crowd was really enthusiastic. Blazers truly wanted revenge and started to prove it early. Pelicans were not going away though. Randle was getting any bucket he wanted and Moore hit some shots. The quarter continued to be a fun one and neither team could make any separation. The quarter ended with Dame hitting 2 free throws and Holiday missing their buzzer beater opportunity.

Blazers lead 70-65 at the half.

3rd Quarter:

As the 2nd half started neither team really caught a rhythm but New Orleans did preform better and cut the 5 point lead. Pelicans did end up taking the lead back for a short time and then Blazers came back with some fire power behind CJ. Blazers went back up by 5. Through the rest of the 3rd quarter both teams went back and forth until the end where Nurkic pulled up for three then Dame came down the court and hit a big three of his own. As the quarter ended Pelicans kept the game close and never gave up. Cut a little bit into Portlands lead to make Blazers lead only 3.

Blazers lead 102-99 at the end of 3.

4th Quarter:

The final quarter was finally underway and Portland wanted to close this game out early and the bench were the guys to gain a lead. Collins hit 2 threes, Curry hit 1, and Biggie hit his first of the season! The bench continues to be a huge difference in close games. Looking like one of the leagues best benches. Portland had a 10 point lead at this point and Stotts wanted to close it out and pull away so he brought his starters back into action. This was the right decision because the starters scored continuously throughout the whole ending half of the quarter. ET looked really comfortable in this game and he's never looked so good! Blazers went up by 15 at the 2:30 mark and both teams unloaded their bench's. Blazers bench looked pretty and Blazers take the W!

Blazers end the game up 132-119.


TakeAways from tonight's action:

Offensive rebounds are still a problem. BOX OUT!

Offensive rebounds lead to open threes

CJ has only a limited playmaking ability

Promising aspects from the game:

Our bench looks like their own starting lineup

ET is the leader beside Dame and really controls the game well

Dame only needs one word to be described: MVP

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