Blazers come back down by 19 but come up short for the W

The Blazers lose to the Heat by a score of 120-111.

High scorers of the night were Damian Lillard with 42 and CJ with 19.

1st Quarter:

Blazers came out the locker room looking and playing very sluggish, and the Miami Heat came out playing the exact opposite. Knowing this you can probably guess how the rest of the quarter went. No Blazer could find a shooting stroke, the bench came in and didn’t provide their normal spark, and Miami started hitting every shot. On the plus side, Dame got to the basket many times. It was a poorly executed 12 minutes for Portland.

Heat lead 33-22 at the end of the 1st.

2nd Quarter:

CJ got into early foul trouble, so he started the 2nd quarter with the 2nd unit. Stotts hoped that the group could get in a groove together, but only had them in for 3 minutes. Fair to say Stotts didn’t get his wish. Dame ends up having to play the last 9 minutes of the half and tried his best to keep the Blazers in the game. Evan Turner tried to take some weight off Dames shoulders but he couldn’t seem to do it. To make things even worse for Portland, D-Wade threw back the time clock to 2010. Torches Portland for 18 in the half.

Heat lead 57-42 at the end of 2.

3rd Quarter:

The Blazers, knowing that this is the time to push the tempo and elevate their play, started the half with a lob from Dame to Layman, then followed by a Dame 3! Miami responded to that well, sticking to their same offense and defense. Dame continued to go back and forth with the whole Heat team, putting the team on his back. Blazers cut a little bit into Miamis lead but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Miami still controls the game through 3.

Heat lead 89-79

4th Quarter:

CJ CJ CJ!! Somebody finally steps up and helps Lillard out. He comes out and scores 7 straight, Meyers hits a top of the key three, and Collins hits another top of the key 3, tying the game at 96 through the first part of the 4th. Dame comes back into the game and hits 2 straight 3s off some hard screens by the young bigs. Right when it looks like Portland has the upper hand, Miami counters. Dragic and Richardson hit back to back threes to take the lead and Olynk gets a clutch and-1 play. Blazers run out of gas and the Heat take this one.

TakeAways from the game:

Didn‘t compete through all 4 quarters

Miami had tons of open shots

Too many offensive rebounds

Promising aspects from the game:

Dame is GREAT

Collins seems to be the best bench piece

Young bigs got important minutes

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