Blazers take out the NBA's best record team Milwaukie behind CJ's 40 points.

Blazers Win with a score of 118-103.

High scorers of the night being, CJ with 40, ET with 16points and 11 boards off the bench, and Dame with a quiet 13. Nurkic also put up 12 points, 8 boards, and 6 assists.

1st Quarter:

This game started out with 3's raining from everywhere. Dame came out and hit 2 straight, then CJ hit one, Layman then shot and hit, then Aminu topped it off with one of his own. With Portland hitting every shot they took they also played good defense and didn't let the Bucks tie the game up until the 4:17 mark. Meyers was called first off the bench with Nurkic getting 2 early fouls and ET checked in next. Dame and CJ were kept in the game for just about the whole 1st quarter and it looked like they were more and ready to play with Dame hitting a 3rd three and CJ getting a quick steal and dunk! CJ was finally taken out at the 1:52 point and Collins was the first to score on bench unit hitting a 3! The first quarter ended with Giannas making 1 of his 2 free throws then Collins hitting a pair of his own.

Blazers shoot 7-14 from 3 and lead 33-31 at the end of one.

2nd Quarter:

The bench unit of Curry, Sauce, ET, Collins, and Meyers got the 2nd quarter start and started it off with an ET bucket. Our former player Planet Pat got his action in the game and got 2 offensive boards and 2 made free throws. ET and Collins looked really ready to go and Milwaukie noticed that put the Greek Freak back into the game but it didn't change the Portland bench's intensity and good game play. ET stays hot and hits a corner 3 then, on a crazy possession, Meyers gets one too. Overall the bench had a great run for 6 strong minutes until 3 starters checked in. Dame, CJ, and Aminu checked back in to match the Bucks. Sauce and Collins played for an extra 30 seconds until Layman and Nurkic checked in. As the starters from both teams came back in Milwaukie quickly cut into the 11 point Portland lead. Milwaukee's starters were the story of the 2nd for the Bucks and Portland bench was our story.

Blazers bench had 21 out of Portland 57.

Blazers lead 57-51 at the half.

3rd Quarter:

Bucks came out with a little more fire at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of action and Lopez continued the hit his 3's. Portland didn't go away though. CJ got to his favorite mid-range spot twice and Nurkic was attacking the glass hard. Bucks cut the 7 point lead down to 2 half way through the 3rd quarter. As the quarter went on Blazers responded to the 9-2 run by the Bucks and went back up by 11 behind CJ's 26 points and Nurkic's hustle. CJ CJ CJ makes light work of the Bucks rookie DiVincenzo by dropping him to the floor after a nasty crossover and hitting the floater to top off his 19 point 3rd quarter! CJ is the total star of this quarter and headed to the final quarter working with 32 points! A new season high for him.

Blazers lead 91-77 headed to the 4th.

4th Quarter:

The Bucks obviously weren't going to just lay down and let us kick them to the curb. They proved that by hitting 3 quick 3's and Middleton getting a quick 2. Portlands bench got the call at the start of the 4th and wouldn't go away. As Milwaukie was hitting shots, Meyers hit his 2nd 3 of the night and ET got another beautiful mid-range pull up J. Portland lead by 8 with 7:30 left and our starters hadn't even checked in yet. Both teams starters came into the game to close with about 7 left and Giannas looked like he wanted to take over after driving to the cup every chance he got. Portland did a fine job and containing him as well as they could and kept a 9 point lead with 5:12 left. Gianna's got taken out of the game after Portland went up 109-95. That being said, Portland took over the rest of the quarter and CJ hit his 40 point bucket with 12 seconds left!

Blazers end the game with a score of 118-103.


TakeAways from tonights action:

Offensive rebounds are still giving up too easily

Our centers aren't getting out to 3 point shooters quick enough

A little bit of early foul trouble

Promising aspects from the game:

Layman, ET, and Collins are all playing way better

Nurkic is finally JUMPING for boards and putbacks

The bench held off Bucks starters and gave the starters a lead to work with

3's went Flyingggggg

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