Blazers VS Lakers 10/18/2018 Game Recap

Blazers Win with a score of 128 to 119.

1st Quarter:

Damian Lillard lead the team with 28 points, Stauskas had 24, and CJ scored 21.

This game started very sloppy and fast paced. It looked like the Blazers weren’t going to be able to play at the Lakers pace. The game seemed to go towards the Lakers favor with a couple missed calls for the Blazers and Lebron leading the young bulls to an early lead.

2nd Quarter:

Nik Stauskas came in at the end of the 1st quarter and lights up. When the 2nd quarter starts, he stayed hot, ending the half with 16 points, giving the Blazers a 2 point lead.

3rd Quarter:

The Blazers gained lots of momentum in the 3rd quarter and went up by 11 at one point, but then lost the lead and ended up being up by only 2 at the end of the 3rd. quarter

4th Quarter:

Blazers kept an interesting lineup in with Turner, Harkless, Curry, Meyers, and Stauskas. The game was back and forth between the two teams. Then the Blazers subbed Collins in for Meyers and it made a huge difference. Collins had 4 blocks in the 4th quarter helped break the game open. Blazers slowly ran the lead up to 11 and keep it there the rest of the quarter.

Blazers Win Blazers Win!!

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