Blazers VS Spurs

Blazers with another win on their 2nd game of the season in a score of 121 to 109.

High scorers of the night being: Damian Lillard with 29 points and 9 assists, CJ McCollum with 24 Points, and Nurkic, Aminu, and Collins all had double digit scoring nights.

1st Quarter:

The Blazers win the tip and Dame hits a logo 3 to start the game. That being the first shot probably gives every Blazer fan a really good feeling. As the quarter continued, both teams missed multiple shots, played at a slower pace and neither shot well. Quarter ends with a score of 22-22

2nd Quarter:

Blazers bench unit came in to play and showed it by keeping a 5 point lead of the Spurs while they had Demar Derozon and LA in the game. As the quarter continued, Zach Collins got into some foul trouble so Meyers Leonard replaced him and gave the Blazer crowd some instant energy. Started off with a high lob catch and dunk from ET and then got a kick out pass, drive, and got an and-1 layup. Quarter ends with Blazers up 59-50.

3rd Quarter:

Spurs came out and tried to make a little run but the Blazers countered it very easily with their strong starting lineup. CJ caught some fire hitting 3 shots in a row, Dame kept his solid play going on, and our bench unit came back in a killed it. Quarter ends, Blazers still lead 97- 82

4th Quarter:

At this point in the game Blazers just kept their good play going on and sticking to their regular offense and killed it on the defensive end. Constantly hitting open shots, being a threat on the defensive end, and great guard play. Dame and CJ get back-to-back and-1 plays and that keeps the crowd into the game and Blazers never lose the momentum.


Take Aways from the game:

Spurs got too many offensive rebounds

lots of open 3s

Derozan got the ball too easily

Very good and promising aspects from the game:

Harkless is a BEAST on the defensive end, the bench KILLS, and Dame/CJ seem ready to be elite in a packed west.

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