Early look at the Portland Trail Blazers 2019-2020 regular season

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

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Early last week all of NBA Twitter and the rest of the league-wide fans reacted to the release of their favorite teams 2019-2020 NBA regular season schedule. We are currently in the droughts of the NBA offseason. Little news, plenty of opinions, and plenty of optimism for every NBA fan base to feel towards this upcoming season being “our year”.

It’s not uncommon for the Portland Trail Blazers to be overlooked. It’s actually very common for the Blazers to be exactly that, overlooked. Coming off a trip the Western Conference Finals, Vegas has put their over/under win totals at 46.5 according to Westgate. This means in order to win money, the Trail Blazers would have to win at least 47 games this upcoming season.

I’m not suggesting our readers go and spend some of their hard-earned money on a Vegas betting line. I’m just saying, that’s a pretty good over/under if you’re a Blazers fan. In fact, according to The Athletic’s Jason Quick, in the last six seasons, the Portland Trail Blazers have only failed to exceed their pre-season over/under just once.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t to convince the reader they should go put money on the Trail Blazers. The point is that it’s not uncommon for the Blazers to be overlooked and Vegas sets the line to get individual fans (like me) to find the lines ridiculous and to go put some money down on it. To a degree, it has worked.

As any Trail Blazer fan can tell you, they’ve had their fair share of misfortunes. There are plenty of variables that go into a successful season and although the Blazers have come up short of this benchmark two of the last three seasons, 50 wins in any year is a clear mark of a good or great team. When you think of 50 wins out of an 82 game season that means although early in the regular season in October and December, those games still certainly matter.

The Trail Blazers will open the year against the Denver Nuggets Oct. 23 at home in the Moda Center. Following the home opener the Blazers will hit their first four-game road trip with games in Sacramento, Dallas, San Antonio and finally Oklahoma City according to the Trail Blazers official schedule release.

According to NBC Sports Northwest, The Blazers will then host the Philadelphia 76ers before going back on the road to see the 2019-2020 version of the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Trail Blazers will then return to Moda Center to open up its first four-game homestand. Two games into that homestand the Blazers will have played 10 games.

By Nov. 19 the Blazers will have played 15 games, 10 of those games will be played on the road.

After 15 games, what might be a realistic record for the Trail Blazers to have as they fight for another top-four seed in the Western Conference and another 50 win season?

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