Legend of Lillard

Damian Lillard and the rest of the Trail Blazers celebrate after Lillard scored a last second three to win the best of seven series four games to one. Lillard scored 50 points on the night,

This team is special. Damian Lillard is special. Moments like these are what make you iconic, and he’s been doing it since his rookie year. Every year since he’s gotten better and better. Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Paul George said Damian Lillard’s last-second was “a bad shot, I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a bad shot.” One could ask that if the shot goes in can it be considered a bad shot? I’m open to debate. My first point of reference would be how the series began. My second, according to Rachel Nichols of ESPN, Damian Lillard finishes this series shooting 8-12, good for 66.7% on shots from 30+ feet. For the second time in his career, Lillard has made a last second go ahead shot to win the Trail Blazers a best of seven series. This shot will be remembered. This shot might have even have surpassed his iconic 0.9 second shot. If you ask head Coach Terry Stotts, he’d say the same. This shot has only furthered his legacy. On a night that Damian Lillard went 10-18 from three, he also became the franchise all-time leader in playoff made threes. He also carried his team to victory, scoring 50 points in a game where the Thunder did just about everything to try and hold him off. If you didn’t know by now Damian Lillard was tied with Kevin Durant as the scoring leader for the first round of the NBA Playoffs at 28.8 points a night. After last night's performance, Damian Lillard is the sole leader in the scoring of this year's playoffs at 33 points a game.

We’ve seen this before, and we’ve come to expect no less. Damian Lillard is rewriting history. We are all just a witness. Stotts said after the game, “the legend grows.” He went on to say, “when it got down to about four or five I knew what was gonna happen” with a smirk. If he hasn’t already reached it in your eyes after last night’s game, he’s made one hell of a case as the greatest Trail Blazer of all time. I think he’s gotten there and with that... “There’s been a lot a talk, a lot of back and forth, and that was the last word” -Damian Lillard.

-Brody Voge

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