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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Zach Collins

AP Photo/Steve Dykes

2017-2018 Stats (Per Game)

GP: 66

MINS: 15.8

PTS: 4.4

REB: 3.3

AST: 0.8

STL: 0.3

BLK: 0.5

FG: 39.8%

FT: 64.3%

3PT: 31.0%

2017-2018 Season Review

Entering the NBA draft after just one year at Gonzaga University, Zach Collins was drafted 10th by the Portland Trail Blazers. Fans had high expectations for the 19-year-old raw prospect. Blazer fans idolized over their new big man. The excitement continued to build throughout the summer of 2017. For the first 20 games of the season, Collins was not part of the rotation. It was not until December 9th (the 25th game of the Blazers season against the Houston Rockets) that we got to see a serious display of talent, where Collins played 19 minutes and had 3 blocks. As the season went on, we saw flashes of talent with his defensive awareness/instincts, as well as an ability to score from anywhere on the floor. Throughout the year, Collins showed promise in a multitude of areas, (including footwork, defensive IQ, post moves, and shooting). Despite all these skills, it was obvious that he lacked one key attribute: strength. He was still able to contribute offensively, showing great dexterity around the basket, as well as the ability to knockdown a jump shot. However, his was difficult to overcome as many teams began to exploit his weakness by even having guards posting up against Collins.

2018-2019 Season Expectations

In his first off-season as a Portland Trail Blazer, Zach Collins worked hard making noticeable improvements to his physique and adding 20-pounds to his body. There may not be another Blazer on the roster that fans are anticipated to see develop. Collins' bursts of greatness show that his upside could be worth the wait. He needs to prove that he can play consistent, meaningful minutes. With no proven big men on the bench, the success of our team could depend on the spark Collins is able to provide. Whether he’s draining three pointers or blocking shots, Collins has the ability to leave his mark on a game. Only time will tell if Collins is ready to take the next step in his career as a sophomore in the NBA.

Wade Baldwin IV

Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

2017-2018 Stats (Per Game)

GP: 7

MINS: 11.4

PTS: 5.4

REB: 1.1

AST: 0.7

STL: 0.3

BLK: 0.1

FG: 66.7%

FT: 60%

3PT: 80%

2017-2018 Season Review One of our two-way contracts last year, we did not get to see much of Baldwin, a first round pick in 2016. After spending most of the season in the G-League, he came up to the team for the final month of the season. When given an opportunity, Baldwin showed why Memphis selected him in the first round. His defense was easily his biggest strength, shutting down the likes of James Harden and Chris Paul for stretches of time. With great physical tools, there is no doubt that Baldwin can become a shutdown defender. Offensively, he is still very raw, relying on his build to get to the basket. He did not showcase his jumpshot much during the year, but had more of a green light during Summer League and showed some promise in the area.

2018-2019 Season Expectations

Faced with one of the deepest guard rotations in the NBA, Baldwin will have to fight for every minute of playing time. Based on the first two preseason games(if that even means anything), it looks like Baldwin will start the year as the team’s third point guard. While many Blazer fans, including myself, thought that Baldwin might see some time in the second unit, that does not look to be the case. Look to see Baldwin in situational opportunities on the defensive end. While he still has much to improve, he is closer to becoming an NBA contributor rather than the bust he was labeled as at this time last year.

Maurice Harkless

Sean Meagher, The Oregonian/OregonLive

2017-2018 Stats (Per Game)

GP: 59

MINS: 21.4

PTS: 6.5

REB: 2.7

AST: 0.9

STL: 0.8

BLK: 0.7

FG: 49.5%

FT: 71.2%

3PT: 41.5%

2017-2018 Season Review

After a 2016-17 season where Harkless looked to be a promising NBA starter, his 2017-18 was frustrating to say the least. After opening the year as a starter, he completely disappeared for the first 18 games. Whether it be him being passive or just not showing interest, Terry Stotts sent a message by replacing Harkless with Evan Turner in the starting lineup. Harkless spent the next 36 games in and out of the rotation. However, a February injury to Turner thrusted Harkless back into the lineup. From there, we saw the best version of Harkless. He was active on defense, picked his spots well on offense, and shot at a high clip from 3 point range. His season mirrored the Blazers, and when he had surgery on his knee at the end of March, the Blazers came crashing down to Earth.

2018-2019 Season Expectations

It is extremely clear that Harkless is the Blazers’ X-factor. Over the past two years, his ability as an athletic defender with the ability to hit threes and cut to the rim has been invaluable to the team over the second half of the year. The Blazers need Harkless to turn these flashes of production into consistency. It is imperative that Harkless does not just stand around on offense and wait for open spot up threes. Part of what makes him so tantalizing is his ability to move without the ball and finish at the rim. He will be a big part of Stotts’ revised offense. Defensively, the team just needs him to stay aggressive. Harkless has the ability to guard four positions, and that versatility is so valuable in the modern NBA.

Gary Trent Jr.

Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports


Games: 37

Minutes: 33.9

Points: 14.5

Rebounds: 4.2

OREB vs. DREB: 0.8/3.4

Assists: 1.4

Steals: 1.2

Blocks: 0.1

FG/FT/3PT: 41.5/40.2/87.6

2017-2018 Season Review

Gary Trent Jr. comes into the season to make a name for himself. Entering his freshman year at Duke, he was often the fourth or fifth offensive option on a truly stacked team. He still managed to make major contributions on that end as a lights out shooter (breaking JJ Redick’s freshman record) and as an intriguing slasher. Defensively, he seemed to understand the team concept as a whole, but often got beat by his man. Over the course of Summer League, he seemed to get better on the less glamorous end of the floor, but as you know, Summer League is usually an inaccurate indicator.

2018-2019 Season Expectations

Trent will most likely stay on the bench during the season, but if injuries (God forbid) strike the team, he could see some meaningful minutes. His biggest skill to the team will be his shooting. I truly believe that Trent might be the best pure shooter on the team. Trent is also a very physical player, so if his reads and quickness improve a little bit, he could become a positive contributor on that end as well. However, he will most likely spend the season learning on the bench and coming in for spot minutes.

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