Player Previews 2018-19- Ngawang Choephel

C.J. McCollum

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2017-2018 Stats (Per Game)

GP: 81

MINS: 36.1

PTS: 21.4

REB: 4.0

AST: 3.4

STL: 1.0

BLK: 0.4

FG: 44.3%

FT: 83.6%

3PT: 39.7%

2017-2018 Season Review

CJ McCollum is entering his 6th season in the NBA. The Canton, Ohio native is looking to improve from last season’s numbers and lead the team to another playoff appearance in the packed Western Conference. His numbers dipped marginally from previous two seasons, but with a revamped roster (with the additions of Seth Curry and Nik Stauskus) will lead to more catch and shoot 3’s that the Lehigh stud has regressed from. Averaging 21.4 points per game with a .443/.397/.836 shooting split and calling it a down year for a player entering his prime shows a lot of upside for a highly competitive player such as McCollum. About once every eight games, (including the playoffs) the 6’ 3” guard scored more than 30 points, (including a 50-point performance) making him the 7th Blazer to reach that feat.

2018-2019 Season Preview

This offseason, McCollum was focused on improving defensively as an individual, specifically on the off ball movement and close outs. At times, opposing guards have been open for jump shots because of the lackadaisical defensive adjustments McCollum makes on off ball screens. CJ’s closeouts need to be more methodical for being an undersized shooting guard. Sometimes, the closeouts are too hard, leading to open lanes to drive and sometimes too soft leading to open shots. This preseason has shown an improvement on these aspects and more improvements will be made throughout the season. I predict 24 ppg., 4 rpg, and 4 apg.

Caleb Swanigan

Sean Meagher, (The Oregonian/OregonLive)

2017-2018 Stats (Per Game)

GP: 27

MINS: 7.0

PTS: 2.3

REB: 2.0

AST: 0.5

STL: 0.2

BLK: 0.1

FG: 40.0%

FT: 66.7%

3PT: 12.5%

2017-2018 Season Review

Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan is entering his sophomore season hungry and ready to eat. Known for his work ethic, the Purdue product has much to prove from his rookie season. The powerful big man has been compared to Zach Randolph, who ironically was also a Blazer. That being said, the 6’9” power forward needs to improve on his coordination and field goal percentage inside the paint, which “Z-Bo” flourished in.

2018-2019 Season Preview

With Ed Davis and Noah Vonleh out of the picture, Swanigan will be competing for minutes with Meyers. At Purdue, Biggie shot at almost a 45% clip from 3 in his sophomore season. The hope is that this transitions into the NBA, which can be a valuable asset that not many big men wield. Only playing 27 games in the NBA creates a small sample size for a 21 year old who still needs time to develop. Caleb joined the likes of Blake Griffen, Dwight Howard and Kevin Love for rookie first rounder’s that averaged a double double in the summer league, so the potential is there. I predict that he will spend half the season in the G-League improving on set skills.

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