Trail Blazers Fighting to Lock up Home Court

The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Denver Nuggets last night 115-108; with the win, the Blazers seem to have a strong hold on home court in the first round of this years playoffs. The Portland Trail Blazers are now just one win away from clinching home court as the fourth seed in the West. There is though still a slight chance the Blazers could move up to the third seed. For the Houston Rockets, battling Portland for that coveted third seed, their final game of the regular season is against an Oklahoma City Thunder team that has only won five of their last ten games. Houston, winning eight of their last ten, seems to be steam rolling into the first round and would like to lock up that three spot. It’s still tough to make any solid predictions for the first round, but with most teams either having one or two games left to play, by Tuesday night, we should have a much more definitive idea of how the playoff seedings will shape out.

The Utah Jazz, currently place fifth in the West, have a two game advantage over the three teams between the sixth and eighth positions; all of which are separated by a half a game. At this point, the most likely scenario for the Jazz would be to win at least one more of their remaining two regular season games and land them in the fifth seed, and set them to face Portland in the first round. There is a scenario where the Trail Blazers lose out on home court but that would include them losing their final two regular season games. In other words, one more win out of the remaining two locks up home court for your Portland Trail Blazers. As the regular season finishes up there won’t be any NBA basketball being played today. The league will take the night off while the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is played. There are many ‘if this happens’ scenarios that could possibly play out. We will be monitoring all of the results that take place when teams get back into action on Tuesday night and will have a follow up to come.

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